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Cafe Momentum

Baldos Dallas

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer gluten free bread?

You bet we do! We can make every sandwich on gluten free bread.

Do you offer vegan and dairy free options?

We do! We have Daiya cheddar style slices and Earth Balance spread available for anyone looking for vegan or dairy free options.

Does Ruthie's accept all types of payment?

Ruthie’s accepts debit/credit cards. Checks are accepted for private parties.

What in the heck is slob sauce?

Slob sauce is a tangy sweet blend of BBQ sauce, ranch dressing and secret spices that is served on our Turkey Trot sandwich…BUT you can order a side for any sandwich!


What is the difference between public events and private events?

A public event: customers pay for their own food. A private event is pre-paid. (Please see our private event/catering page for package options.)

Is the deposit for private events refundable?

As long as you cancel 30 days prior to the event, we’ll refund your full deposit.

Do I need to purchase a city permit if I hire Ruthie's for a private event?

If you hire Ruthie’s for a private event, no permit is required. However, if you want to hire Ruthie’s for a public event, there might be an added cost involved for permitting and/or mileage. Please check our catering/private events page for more information.


Will Ruthie’s continue regular operations?

Yes! We will be serving up delicious grilled cheese, drinks, and chips out of our trucks at our favorite spots.

Will Ruthie’s now be owned by Café Momentum?

Ruthie’s Rolling Café and Café Momentum are now partners working to help change the lives of at-risk youth in Dallas. Ruthie’s provides employment and training to expand the professional experience of Café Momentum Fellows who have moved into the post internship phase of the program. Individuals will join the Ruthie’s team and serve on the food truck.

What is Café Momentum?

Café Momentum, a Dallas-based restaurant and culinary training facility, transforms young people’s lives by providing a positive environment in which at-risk youth—who have spent time in juvenile facilities—receive intensive culinary, job, and life skill training, as well as continued mentorship and support, enabling them to achieve their full potential.
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit restaurant, Café Momentum teaches critical skills that allow youth to apply what they have been taught in pre-release programs in a safe, real-world environment of nurturing accountability. By participating in our program, at-risk young men and women rotate through every aspect of the restaurant, from waiting tables to washing dishes, while working side-by-side with established chefs.

Where is Café Momentum?

Café Momentum is located in the heart of Downtown Dallas at 1510 Pacific Street, Dallas, TX 75201.

Will Ruthie’s continue to work with other nonprofits?

It is an essential part of the Ruthie’s mission to help nonprofits in our community. We will continue our Ruthie’s Snacks of Kindness program.

Will all the Café Momentum interns work with Ruthie’s?

Most of our interns will obtain employment through the Café Momentum externship program. The fellowship at Ruthie’s will be for the interns who would like expanded training and personal growth once they have completed the program at Café Momentum.

Will Ruthie’s still serve its regular schedule?

We sure will! You will still be able to find us at your favorite locations!

Can customers still book private parties?

We will still offer full-service catering options. From boxed lunches to full holiday parties, we are here to serve you and your guests! For grilled cheese catering, contact If interested in catering from Café Momentum, contact

Will the grilled cheese still be available?

Oh yes! Grilled cheese is our thing. We will be adding a few tasty Café Momentum items, but you will still be able to enjoy a cheesy sandwich.

What Café Momentum items will be added to the Ruthie’s menu?

New locally sourced menu items will be added to our trucks with the culinary expertise from the Café Momentum team.

What kind of training have the Fellows received at Café Momentum?

Fellows work their way through all areas of the restaurant, learning legal employment, social skills, and life skills. They complete financial literacy training, parenting classes, educational assistance, and career exploration. In addition to these skills, they have been through counseling on anger management, trauma recovery, fatherlessness, and abandonment depending on the individual’s specific needs.

Will the Fellows be paid?

Yes! Fellows are a part of the Ruthie’s family. As active contributing members of the community, they will be paid for their hard work.

Are all Ruthie’s employees now Fellows of Café Momentum?

No, we will have both Ruthie’s Rolling Café staff and Fellows on our trucks. We want to foster a mentor-learning environment.

Will I still be able to get my favorite Ruthie’s sandwich?

Our grilled cheese will be better than ever. More local ingredients coming soon!

Will Café Momentum be serving Ruthie’s sandwiches?

No, we will keep the grilled cheese creations on the truck. Café Momentum will still be serving up delicious, new American cuisine.

Why did Ruthie’s and Café Momentum decide to partner?

It was fate for us to join forces as two organizations with this much love and dedication to helping the Dallas community. Through the mission of Café Momentum and the extension of the generosity Ruthie’s already gives to the Dallas community, together they will be a vehicle that will take the Café Momentum mission beyond its walls.

Can I make a contribution to Ruthie’s?

Donations can be given straight to Café Momentum at If interested in underwriting a Ruthie’s Snacks of Kindness to a local nonprofit, contact

Can I make a contribution to Café Momentum?

Yes, always! Café Momentum is fueled by the generosity of our donors (

Can other companies partner with Café Momentum for employment opportunities?

We would love to connect about employment partnerships. Please contact

Will Ruthie’s be equipped with the skills to mentor the Fellows?

To be the best mentors possible, we will undergo intensive trauma-informed care training and de-escalation to be able to relate and assist individuals with the challenges they are facing.